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Thomas Sherry & Associates is an Asheville, North Carolina based consulting group focused on partnering with school leaders to successfully prepare students for current and future challenges by improving faculty effectiveness and enhancing student life education.

Thomas Sherry & Associates helps school leaders review their school’s organizational structure and efficiency through focused assessment and implementation of our comprehensive FULCRUM system.

FULCRUM is a web-enabled tool tailored to each school that empowers leaders to identify and leverage the strengths of individual faculty and entire departments. Identifying and refining faculty strengths provides the most efficient means to improving a school’s overall performance.

In addition to providing effective 360-degree evaluation of faculty and administration, we assess residential and student life programs to ensure relevance and effectiveness. We offer schools the opportunity to create a comprehensive behavior assessment of their student population in order to ensure that schools are meeting their particular population’s current needs.

Thomas Sherry & Associates is committed to partnering with schools ready to innovate and adapt to change. Students reflect our rapidly changing culture. Thomas Sherry & Associates recognizes that an effective school must be flexible and in constant transition. Curriculum that was effective five years ago may not be relevant today. We help school leaders meet the needs of today’s students by focusing attention on faculty strengths, organizational structure and overall student experience.

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