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Origins and Qualifications of
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For the past 17 years, I have been working with schools and adolescents. After obtaining a philosophy degree from Colby College in Waterville Maine, I taught 7th grade in an impoverished rural community in Eastern North Carolina. No amount of formal education prepared me for that first year of teaching. It was the hardest and most informative year of my life. I was a nice guy who was being treated by students and their parents as an enemy. After some reflection, I realized that I was not the enemy; the “teacher” was the enemy. At this moment I realized there was a difference between Mr. Sherry and Tom Sherry. That awareness has led me to focus on the idea of “role” as it pertains to teaching and other aspects of life.  As a graduate of The Hill School in Pottstown PA, I now had a greater understanding of the challenges boarding school teachers have in maintaining a professional role among students and colleagues. I was able to see how meeting personal needs is an essential component for teachers to maintain proper boundaries in their teaching and residential assignments. I was surprised by the reception I received from some faculty when I first conducted a seminar called, “Role Confusion in Residential Environments.” This interest has blossomed into creating systems that help schools help teachers use the idea of role definition to increase effectiveness and maintain professional boundaries. FULCRUM is the formal result of those explorations.

As a practicing psychotherapist, I am also keenly aware of the challenges adolescents face these days. Boarding schools have a unique opportunity to address these needs in ways that day schools and public schools can’t. After reviewing a school’s residential curriculum I became aware that the challenges being discussed were not those that students were currently experiencing. With Christ School in Arden NC, I constructed a behavior risk assessment called, “Your Life and How You Live It.” The resulting data from this survey enabled Christ School to redesign its residential program. The “round robin” sessions take place during the school day giving them greater significant and greater effectiveness.

As a therapist and consultant, I have always focused on the idea of developmental change. That desire has grown into a passion for helping schools, teachers, and students identify new possibilities and new potential. Joy is the result of growth. Good schools, good teachers, and good students should be encouraged to never stop changing. I hope that our services can provide opportunities for reflection, reevaluation, and transformation.

Thomas Sherry & Associates is an Asheville, North Carolina based consulting group, focused solely on improving faculty performance, assessing student behavior, and improving residential curriculum. We help schools adapt to change. I look forward to talking to you about how our services can benefit your school.
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